The Gorkana Daily
The Gorkana Daily

The Gorkana Daily is Gorkana's new analysis service for delivering the top, most important coverage for your business, in a ready-to-distribute format. Gorkana assigns analysts that review your coverage and deliver to you via email, the coverage that matters, in summarized format, by 7 a.m.

In a world powered by technology, turning on a firehose of information with traditional media monitoring software can be overpowering and unwieldy.

The Gorkana Daily is an efficient solution that combines powerful technology with thoughtful, experienced analysts who are skilled at creating relevant and targeted searches, removing duplicates and unwanted results like wedding announcements, and demonstrating the value and success of PR and communication strategies based on customer objectives.

Customers get real summaries of key coverage, not just links or articles that have been copied and pasted.

Simplify your daily workflow by removing the need to rush through a review of the media clips every morning.

Sign up today for professional, personalized summaries of the most important company and competitor news, in time for early-morning reading and distribution online, in email, and on mobile devices.

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