Gorkana 2012 Survey of Financial Journalists
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Gorkana's 2012 Survey of Financial Journalists helps you quickly and easily understand what is driving coverage across the financial sector.

Some key highlights from the 2012 report:

  • Financial journalists are neutral at best and cautious on their outlook for the US economy and the US financial services sector over the next year.
  • The Wall Street Journal is viewed by financial journalists as being the most influential financial news outlet in the US today. Close on the heels of the WSJ is fast-expanding Bloomberg News.
  • Andrew Ross Sorkin, columnist for The New York Times and CNBC co-host, is perceived as being the most influential US financial journalist today.
  • Pen Pendleton of Morgan Stanley is named the most-respected financial institution PR professional.
  • Financial journalists continue to rely the most on reading newspapers or other publications as a source of story ideas.

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